Everything happens for a ‘good’ reason.
— Matt connor (coach)

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“He is a highly engaging, funny, compassionate, and dynamic speaker.  His coaching, both private one-on-one career and life coaching, and his public programs are top notch. He always goes the extra mile.  I am so proud to witness Matt’s soaring to excellence, and am looking forward to seeing how he continues to grow. You can never go wrong hiring Matt or attending one of his sessions.” - Susan Murphy

We love our clients!

Here is what they have to say:

“Matt was the facilitator at my SMPS New York 2018-2019 Strategy session. He did an amazing job at keeping everyone engaged and motivated, and led a great session about realizing your full potential as a leader. He has the innate ability to connect with anyone on any level. I highly recommend having him as part of any strategic session for your firm.” - Kourtenay Hanrahan (Cambridge, MA) 

“Coach Connor is an amazing advocate and coach with his clients. His knack for digging deep and pulling out the very best parts of you and laying it all out on the table (to reflect on, work with, and capitalize on) is extraordinary. His guidance and coaching and encouragement have helped me to personally and professionally “live large”… and I’m enjoying the fruits of that labor. How amazing it is to know yourself and manifest awesome things because your mind is right, your goals are specific, and your frequency is running at ‘optimum levels’. Thank you, Matt, for all your time and love.” - Rachel Ledet (New Orleans, LA)

“I have had the pleasure and honor to work with Matt Connor in a variety of environments, but it was when he was the emcee of my local organization’s annual awards event that I saw him really shine. From the moment Matt took the stage, he made 200 + audience members feel like a star. He elevated our annual event, even being recognized by an industry veteran as being the finest emcee this event has ever had. His natural ability to connect with the audience, while commanding the stage was flawless. His wit and charm, combined with his professionalism and class, created a night to remember for all of our award winners and attendees. Matt is a hard act to follow.” - Kim Robertson (Colorado)

“Dear Matt,
I wanted to say thank you for all your help. Over the past two years, you have helped identify mindful thinking solutions to challenges I was facing. You helped me realize the barriers I put on myself through my thoughts, and that directly affected my actions and ultimately led to the outcome of situations. One of my favorite lessons from you is to embrace the fact that everything happens for a good reason. I’ve now realized that life does not happen to me but it is what I create with my thoughts and actions. Thank you for everything. You not only made my life better, but you also made my relationships with difficult people better” - Diana Brown (Houston)

“Matt Connor speaks like he is. Impactful. Passionate. Poignant. Bold. Real. Agile. Interactive. Entertaining. Heartfelt. It is so important to Matt that his presentations are each of these things. “If I’m not having fun, then I’m doing it wrong. But most of us don’t operate in that zone most of the time. And that’s criminal.” His content resonates with everyone in the room. He is a master of the set up and driving home a point, a concept, a result. In the way that I look forward to spending time with Matt, I relish time when he is speaking. Speaking is his calling. I Highly recommend.” - Andrew Weinberg (New York)

“Working with Matt has taught me how to control my thoughts to ease anxiety and keep my daily life on a positive path. I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I had always heard that your emotions, thoughts and beliefs control your reality but until you really learn how to DO it, you have no idea. Matt pointed out the subtle details of my own thought processes that were sabotaging me and keeping me from being the most focused person I could be.” - Sara Gammill (Houston)

“Matt Connor recently spoke to our production team about coping with stress and burn out. Matt’s delivery is very humble and personable which made his presentation appeal to our diverse group. Matt provided real world references and got our team discussing instances that put everyone at ease. Matt presented us with tangible tools for our team to utilize in reducing stress and managing everyday obstacles.” - Shannon Bender (Houston)

“Coach Connor was such an integral part of where I am right now. Before my sessions with Matt, I had lost confidence in myself and I felt I had no control over my life or my future. He was there every step of the way to listen and guide me. With his help, I have regained confidence in myself and I owe it all to him. I would not be where I am today without Coach Connor!” - Renee Walston (Houston)

“Matt is a fun and engaging speaker who pours his heart into his subject matter and lights a fire in his listeners. He’s a top notch presenter!” - Stephen Edmundson (Houston)



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